Modbus > emoncms

Good afternoon, Please I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction,
I have an Electric Meter Volts, Amp, Kw, Kwh and so on that monitors Generated power as well as utility Mains use, It is an industrial controls format with RS-485 MODBUS network which I have connected to MODBUS>TCP Ethernet adapter that allows me to read the values at my Desk PC.
My plea for help is that can anyone point me where to start Id like to be able to set up Emoncms and I need a way to bring the MODBUS data in to the Emoncms , be it TCP-MODBUS or if its better I can do a Serial > Rs-485 adapter on my Ubuntu server, if anyone can get me started in the hardware>modbus DAQ to get started I would be greatly appreciative , thank you in advance

Hi and welcome.

There is a tool within the OEM infrastructure called emonhub. This usually runs on a Pi (or Pi clone) and receives data from the serial port and sends it on to emoncms (the database and visualisation part of the ecosystem). GitHub - openenergymonitor/emonhub: Python service linking and decoding input to MQTT & Emoncms

Within emonhub there is an ‘interfacer’ that connects by serial to the MODBUS and reads the data in.

However, I am sure there is also a TCP Interfacer, so it is possible that might work as well.

What your best route is partly depends on where you want to install emoncms, your tech level and whether you want to have a go with the TCP interfacer (there is minimal knowledge of it here as it is rarely used) or try the serial modbus method.

Another option might be to use Node-RED to receive the data and simply format it to send onto emoncms.

There really is More Than One Way To Do It!