Mixing TCA6408APWR / PCA9534APWR chips

I ordered the main controller board and there was a couple IC’s missing. The only one I can’t get now is TCA9534APWR. I have TCA6408APWR already soldered on the board and have PCA9534APWR still sitting in a bag. Can these 2 work together or do I need to keep the PCA/TCA versions the same for both chips.

nothing to loose trying!
I bet it will be fine.
for the record I have two controller boards with PCA/PCA chips working just fine.

go for it!

Ok sounds good, I’m kinda new to electronics board design so I always get worried about deviating from the original plans. I did happen to locate a potential board for harvesting TCA9534APWR if anyone else is interested though. There are 2 of them on the backside of this stepper motor board from Mikrow. Unfortunately it is $30 and they would need to be desoldered. Seeing as we have no idea when new supply is going to show up this might be an option.