I am a flukso user but it seems like flukso is a dead project. I would like to migrate to openenergy. Would my existing clamps work?

What system would you recommend?


so this project is just as dead…


As I would not expect many people here to know what you have, it is not surprising that nobody here has answered you. Your question is like “How long is a piece of string?”. If you say what you want to do, and what you have, it might be possible to help you.

BTW, are you talking about current transformers, busbar clamps or earth clamps?

Looks like that’s what the Flukso folk call their CTs. Unfortunately, there’s not much detail on them, at least in their shop page.

The one on the left is what I call a clamp:


Robin’s 11 kV underground cable to his personal step-down transformer has failed, and that’s the earth for the portable generator that the electricity company has supplied while they find the fault. It’s taken a week so far, and it seems they’re no closer.
(The alligator clip belongs to their TDR test kit.)

Dont blame me for not knowing your own “wording”

I learn to call it a clamp from flukso as @dBC pointed.

So yes the “current clamp” or I have no clue what @Robert.Wall calls it. How about the thing? Better? :slight_smile:

I saw that the shop has a full system and might be looking at moving to:


I am short on choices :frowning: