Metal piece in ct broken

When installing a couple new ct’s i noticed that a piece fell out of one of them.
The metal core around the spool as broken. (See attached picture)I was wondering: is this a problem, since it’s already in 2 pieces normally (to open the ct)?

Yes, it’s a big problem. Any air gap in the core is a bad thing - this is why ring-core c.t’s are inherently better than split-core. You need a new c.t, you cannot glue it.

Incidentally, it is not metal, it is ferrite, and it is very brittle. This is why we say you should never clamp the c.t. onto the cable, it must always be loose so that there is no pressure outwards on the ferrite cores.

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Thanks for your reply, i’ll trow this one out :wink:

Please contact openenergymonitor shop support for a replace if this was bought via the shop. Please quote original order number.

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One of my 4 arrived like that a few years ago when I was setting up and was replaced without question. I assume the brittle ferrite sometimes gets damaged in shipping.