Merge or selectively import Feeds to different emoncms instance

@TrystanLea, is there anyway to merge or selectively import feeds from one instance of emonCMS into another?

Hello @borpin the sync module is designed for selective import and incremental backup.
Merging feeds that have different start times etc is a bit more complicated but you can sync say feed A across and then merge with B using the post process module ‘mergefeeds’ process Emoncms Post Processor - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Does it work for 2 local instances?

It is not to merge a feed just bring a feed from one instance into a different one.

as in two running on the same local server e.g localhost/emoncms1 & localhost/emoncms2
I havent tried it, but I think it should work. Do you have redis running on both? do they different prefixes?

No running on 2 separate base OS (Pi & VM).

Yes that is what its designed for.

I’ve just fixed a long running bug with the sync module , that it was using the feed names only to work out if the feed existed on both local or remote instances, it now uses feed tag and name as it should.
Emoncms bugs down from 50 to 35 in last two days, will be time for a release soon

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I noticed - good effort.

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