Mel cloud direct to emoncms

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I am been looking around this morning to find information about below topic but I have not been able to get to the point:

Is it possible to directly configure emoncms to retrieve data from MELCloud ?
Like what can be done in Domoticz, but I Would prefer emoncms for available COP postprocessings.

From what I see everyone is using e.g. pymelcloud to locally retrieve data, then feed it into emoncms.



Perhaps search melcloud here?

Probably the best result Scripts to drive an Ecodan heatpump via MELCloud

Hi Vianney,

I’ve not seen a module to do that. As you probably know, there are schedules and processes in EmonCMS, but there isn’t something which understands MELCloud natively.

We’ve been wary of making it easy to use MELCloud for fear that Mitsubishi would shut down things like pymelcloud and friends. Personally I’ve had some trouble with their API and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my problems resolved and there was certainly no part of the discussion where Mitsubishi wanted to make the API something they would support.

As a result we’re all just gluing things together ourselves and handling the issues that are important to us. For example, I extract the parts of the API that I’m interested in. There are something like 337 properties in the API and if we brought all of those into EmonCMS it would not be useful. In my case there about 17 properties I find useful:


I did build this EmonCMS device definition to do the leg work for me in EmonCMS. I use those feeds to drive the built-in heat pump app and the MMSP one.

Sorry it’s not more simple.

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I’m not so wary but I find two key advantages in having a different process collecting from melcloud: the data gets sent to both emoncms and domoticz at the same time; and the API is unstable and sometimes sends unexpected things which occasionally crashes the collector. It’s better the collector crashes and gets restarted than if something more vital to emoncms does.

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