Measuring high power 3 phase AC induction motor

hi , I’m newbie here and have idea about measuring the power consumption of large plantation or the place which is used high power 3 phase AC induction motor, I intend use ESP as master with I2C connection to Arduino board (as slave), then measure the V & A and on ESP request send it to remote or local server , any hint about H/W and S/W implementation really appreciated

If you go to the “Old Forum”, there you’ll find a link to Resources and Building Blocks. In Building Blocks, you’ll find an article about 3-phase electricity and using an emonTx to measure it, and on GitHub you’ll find a 3-phase sketch. Beware that all the sketches here are single phase unless “3-phase” appears in the name. You should read the comments at the top of the sketch before you commit yourself, as because the emonTx (and emonTx Shield, which you will probably use) have only a single voltage input, so the resulting measurements are an approximation.
If the 100 A current of the standard CT is a limitation, you can always substitute a higher rated CT, with probably only a change to the burden resistor and recalibration required. Larger suitable CTs are listed in the article on using the emonTx in N.America.
If the approximations forced by the single voltage input are unacceptable, get in touch with Robin Emley at who might be able to help.

Thanks Robert , it was useful , actually I intend to made control center in such plantation place which is used high power AC motors , I use emonTX inspiration and ESP feature to make such control center I made preliminary sketch and uploaded in my GitHub repository , "GitHub - mkeyno/Smart_plantation: this is schematic to monitor 3 phase AC motor and its peripheral which is inspired from emonTx board ", I would like share it with openenergymonitor guys and have their comments , but yet don’t know which forum should be active to discuss about such project , any guide is really appreciated