Hi There,
I’m getting a heat pump installed in my house later this month (and a couple of months later PV and battery), and looking to do some monitoring, which is why I’m here!

Initially I’m thinking of an emonPi to monitor the electricity and heat output from the heat pump and I could look at expanding to monitor the PV with a TX at a later date. The heat pump will be coming with a heat meter which should hopefully have an MBUS output. I notice though that the MBUS to USB converter isn’t available. I’m guessing with the current chip shortage situation that I shouldn’t hold my breath.

I see there is a M-Bus to UART Converter and from what I understand that would need to connect to a Programmer - USB to serial UART. Is that right?

Are there any other MBUS to USB converters available elsewhere that I could use instead?

Many thanks, and looking forward to setting this up.



Hello @magnatom Thank you for your interest. We have built up a few more of the MBUS readers, they are now back in stock.

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Don’t assume - I’d make it an explicit part of your spec.

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Hi TrystanLea,

That’s great! Many thanks!


Oh absolutely. I’ve already e-mailed them requesting that. They’ve been very good so far, but I only wanted to say ‘hopefully’ until I had it confirmed!

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