Max, min type graphs

I’m wondering if it is possible to include max/min type representation (vertical line with a ‘T’) at each end showing the max/min for a day?

I’d like to overlay the max/min temperatures onto a daily consumption graph.

If not using EmonCMS, could Grafana do that? Or might I need to learn “R” (stupid name for a product).

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I’ve used the “Min/Max daily value” process in my input, which logs to a couple extra feeds:

…which I can then overlay onto my daily charts.

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I think I saw a question about what the time period used was. You would hope it was local time and not UTC :frowning:

You may already know about this, but if not, here’s one way that’s very fast and easy to get Grafana
to show min/max values, albeit not as part of a bar on a chart.

The Show, As Table, To the Right, Min and Max checkboxes are the pertinent controls.

I run an older version of Grafana. (v5.4.5) This will be different if you’re running a newer version,
but the checkboxes have the same names and do the same thing.

The result looks like this:

The values can be displayed to the right of the graph, as well:

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