Man in the Middle CT

Anyone know of a solution that I can place in between an outlet plug? US, 15 amp?

Like a kill a watt?

Are there current transformers that I can use here. I am trying to monitor the power before a UPS for a strange issue.

You may find US versions of a ‘Tuya’ plug (it is a generic Chinese manufacturer) or one of the Sonoff plugs now does energy monitoring I believe.

A Kill-a-Watt can handle a max of 1800 Watts.
Does your UPS draw exceed that number?
Do you want/need to record the data?

you can try this if you like

i use a zigbee versions myself and track fine at individual outlets … but this wifi version which personally have not tried

Really I am just trying to figure out what is going on with some power at some locations that do not have ups’s with snmp cards…

I think I may just have to upgrade the ups units.

I am looking primarily for power loss, and voltage brownouts.

the ups probably has a serial connection you can connect and grab that data . if your ups supports it , NUT and a pi or arduino/esp based version if you’re more energetic … but I probably get a orange pi zero for $15 install armbian and use NUT… if your UPS supports NUT…

or other option buy this and connect to a rs485 capable esp or pi to gather decrypt and send data to you

or as mentioned Sonoff

many option only limited by your imagination and price point