Making the App module more modular

@pb66 raised an issue in the github repo suggesting a change to the App module. I started thinking about it after my last PR to the App module and a small discussion has started there.

Just bringing it to wider attention here to get other people’s thoughts.

The link to the Issue in question is here

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Following on from the discussion in github, I had a thought this morning on my way into work… What constitutes an “official” app as opposed to a “user” app.

The discussion is all about making the App module “modular” so that anyone can easily drop a new “app” into the right place and it will automatically appear in the web interface. This avoids apps with a very small (single?) use-case needing to be merged into the “official” repository, and also means official updates will not blat over the top of custom apps.

How do the Open Energy Monitor folks decide if an app should be part of the official repo or not… Alternatively, how does a developer decide if they should submit a PR to include a new App in the repo? I can see the potential for useful apps not being widely used because they’re not in the official repo and people only find out about them by “word of mouth” because developers don’t feel confident to PR them into the “official” list of apps…

The original TOU-flexible app I added for example - I doubt I would have felt sufficient “ownership” as a total newcomer to the OEM landscape to have submitted that as a PR.

Maybe there should be a place (an “Apps” category in the forums??) where new “user” apps can be announced? Any that appear to be widely useful could be added to the list of “official” apps???

Am I just over-thinking this?

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