Make pi readonly

are the steps that @glyn.hudson and co uses to make the emonsd image readonly public somewhere?

i want to do the same to an raspi i have setup to control an eletrical heating panel

This should be what you’re after

unless i’m mistaken that just creates the partitions?


i clicked the link and got it

since i just need to make a running pi read only can i get away with this part?

sudo cp /etc/default/rcS /etc/default/rcS.orig
sudo sh -c "echo 'RAMTMP=yes' >> /etc/default/rcS"
sudo mv /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.orig
sudo ln -s /home/pi/fstab /etc/fstab
sudo chmod a+x /etc/fstab
sudo mv /etc/mtab /etc/mtab.orig
sudo ln -s /proc/self/mounts /etc/mtab

Yup what @pb66 said. Be aware of the tweaks required which are mentioned in the readme above.

The DNS and NTP fixes are important:


i’m just trying to pick out the minimal working from the readme

not as straight forward for me since i’m not that good arround linux systems, and it seems that things constantly changes :slight_smile: ie the fstab does not look quite the same

just booted after burning latest rasbian stretch image

first show stopper is: sudo cp /etc/default/rcS /etc/default/rcS.orig

cp: cannot stat ‘/etc/default/rcS’: No such file or directory

and its not far off, the file is not there

pi@raspberrypi:/etc/default $ ls
avahi-daemon console-setup dbus keyboard nfs-common rsync timidity
bluetooth crda fake-hwclock locale nss rsyslog triggerhappy
bsdmainutils cron hwclock networking raspberrypi-kernel ssh useradd
pi@raspberrypi:/etc/default $

what base image is the readme based on?