Make a backup module a core module

Just trying to install the backup module into a custom build and it is a PITA.

The file paths in the script and readme do not match the new schema for folder locations (on the ToDo I hope). The module is looking for the config in $homedir but the script is looking in the installed folder. I think an update to master might break current setups (it did mine).

Backup is a fundamental part of any software solution so why do we make it so hard?

Might I suggest it is copied into the core modules and renamed (Import/Export) to prevent confusion with existing module & setups. It can pick up the new install locations and data paths.

While we are at it rename config.ini to import-export-config.ini please.

Any upgrade script can then call an ‘Export’ with confidence before upgrading.

Pretty please?

I’m unsure what the requirement or definition is for a module to be “core”. The dashboard and graph modules are both separate to the main repo but I would regard them as “core”. I think the main reason backup might not get “included” (if that’s what you refer to as “core”) is because it’s not actually installed “into” the Modules folder, it has to be installed outside the www path and a sub-folder is symlinked into the Modules folder. Plus, until a couple of months ago, it was quite emonpi centric so it wasn’t even available to be “core” to users other than those using emonSD. I have been using my own backup routine based on the useful-scripts backup scripts. To date I’ve never installed or used the backup module.

Directly part of the emoncms Repo so it is installed no matter what. There are other ‘modules’ that are essential and I think the same should be done for those as well.

Does it though? We have other ‘scripts’ within the www path now.