LowPowqerLabs RF69 Library V Jeelabs Library

Morning all,
I have noticed that there is a move to change from Jeelib to Lowpowerlab library for the RFM69 radio module, this is of interest to me as I’ve been messing about with some DHT22 and RFM69 modules I have in my workshop, making myself some emonTH v1.5 and I have been unable to get the RFM69HCW version to work with Jeelab.
Will new software be available to re-flash existing units (e.g. emonTH v1.5, v2 and emonPI) to maintain compatibility?

Hello @valveandy

Yes it will, so far we have the following LowPowerLabs compatible firmwares available:

EmonTH v2:


emonTx3 and emonPi LPL firmware versions to follow after this initial emonTx4 launch busy period is over :slight_smile:

Excellent news, thank you Trystan. I shall go and sort out how to flash the new software so I’m prepared