Login/password for first connection on emoncms?

I just received my Emonpi PV bundle and I’m new on this forum.
after setup EmonPI and connecting it on my Wifi network, I’m unable to connect to Emoncms page, which login/password to use? During setup, the system never asked me to create an account.

Thank you for your help.

It never specifically asks you to set up a new user, but at that login screen there should be a “register” button so you can create the first user.

If the “register” button isn’t there then a user has already been created as the button disappears after the first user is created.

If you are unable to create a user then you will need to try resetting the password

if you do not know the username, there are instructions there to retrieve that from mySQL.

If all else fails, the next section on that page describes a factory reset which will help you start a fresh assuming you have no data to save if you have never logged into emoncms.

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Doh! Forgot about that. However, the Guide does not explicitly state you need to click on the Register button to create the first account. I’d do a PR but can’t from here.

Indeed, nor does it even show the screen with the register button, it only shows the dialog box that opens IF you click the register button as seen below.