Logging current / amps

Hello, I’d very much like to be able to log current / amps at emoncms.org using my emonPi. I assume I need to take the power input and the voltage input and use the “/ input” process but no matter how I try it I don’t seem to be able to understand how to make it work. Is this the correct method? And can anyone help, or direct me to a resource where I can read up on it myself?
Thank you, Jon.

It’s a roundabout method, because the sketch in the ATMega does calculate the current, it’s just that it’s not passed on into emonHub. And so not available to be sent to emoncms.org. And if you edit the sketch, you must avoid “updating” it and restoring it to the default (i.e. don’t choose “emonPi” when you update - details elsewhere, in the FAQ I think).

I haven’t got anything sending to emoncms.org at the moment, so I can’t prove what I’m writing is correct.
You need to be on the Inputs page, is “Voltage” appearing as an input? Is “Power” appearing as an input? You need to edit the Power process before anything else, add “/ input” and pick the “Voltage” input from the list, then “Log to Feed” called “Current” (or something). If you need to do other things with power after that, you must do a “Reset to zero”, followed by a “+ input” and pick the Power.

Thank you Robert, I think that worked.