Local Monitoring of Tigo Optimizers

Any ideas as how to establish local monitoring, not via their web portal, of Tigo optimizers and their CCA Module and integrate into a emon pi setup?

Welcome, Alan, to the OEM forum.

I think you should take a look at the FAQ page - the bits about how to ask questions. Many people reading your post will have ideas about local monitoring, some will have lots of experience, but what we don’t know is what you want from your monitoring.

Thanks for the advice Robert, will take a look at the FAQs. I have had a look at this site regarding Tigo but had not found any direct references, anyone who had knowledge of getting any panel level monitoring info from Tigo’s setup would be a start. This is very early days for any sort of serious project so I am looking for general feasibility and would worry about any specifics later.

I’ve never heard Tigo mentioned here either (nor in the archived forum). I looked at the website and it seemed to be unnecessarily ‘flashy’ and there was no clear route to information of any substance.

Basically, if there’s some sort of data output, it’s either available to you or encrypted. If available, you hope the details are published, or somebody has reverse-engineered it. If it’s encrypted, there’s little hope of getting anything.

Or there’s the possibility of measuring “something” - and what you measure depends on what you want to know, or what you need to know (not necessarily the same thing). Most people are initially satisfied with Inverter power output, and nett grid power flow, both of which are easy enough to measure. Some like to measure individual circuits and appliances, and that’s when it can rapidly get complicated and expensive.

Good point about wanting to know and needing to know. You can start off believing you cannot have too much data and then the novelty wears off! It would boil down to if the individual panel optimizers are doing their jobs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the panel data was encrypted before being sent to Tigo’s portal and any chance of grabbing it locally via modbus, SSH or whatever (not that I know anything about either) was slim.