Local emoncms stopped updating - or has it?

I have a iotawatt uploading data to a local (my own installation) emoncms running on a RPI3B+. It has been working 100% uptime since January 5 this year.

Now I have tried switching the write Apikey to another emoncms running on a newly bought emonpi for configuration purposes (goal is to migrate there some time). Then switched back to my old one again. And everything seems fine. Inputs and feeds update every 10 seconds counting down with green numbers between updates.

Problem is in the graph window of the emoncms, only a few data points are visible after switching the apikey. After a few seconds, no new data become visible, even if the input/feed screens show everything is fine. Wifi connection is excellent.

What is happening? Does the emoncms db actually get updated? How to check? I am afraid I loose data, since - even if the iotawatt stores all historic samples - it is not able to fill in the gaps.

Every time I reboot the RPI, a few, new data points bocome visible, but with lost data in between.

There seems to be some data coming after a while, by the way, but is is always a few minutes (5, 10?) behind.

It seems that emoncms was being a bit slow for a bit of time after the iotawatt started posting, but eventually became up to date. Works now.

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