Local Data Storing

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to store the data on a local server/raspberry pi without using EMONBASE/EMONPI?


Welcome, @luqman.ahsan to OEM.

Yes it is possible to use any web server - but you will of course need to install either emonCMS or another similar application (e.g. InfluxDB/Grafana) to receive the data, store and display it.

However, the easiest way is to use a Raspberry Pi and our SD Card image. Do you understand that an emonBase is simply a Raspberry Pi with an ISM band radio module attached to receive data from the emonTx or emonTH? If you are not using the ISM band radio, then all you need is the Raspberry Pi (and the OS with emonHub & emonCMS, which is what the SD Card download gives you).

But what data do you have in mind, where is the data coming from and how do you intend to get it to the server? This could have a bearing on what you need.

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