Local data from EmonHP

I have purchased the level 3 heatpump monitoring kit with the EmonHP, which is currently been installed along with the heatpump to hopefully be up and running next week. I have a existing house monitoring/automation system using node red/grafana and wondered if there was any local access to the data on the EmonHP which I could use to integrate into my current dashboards. If there is no local access can I extract the data from EmonCMS?

thanks in advance Dave

Hello @dave_walker, yes you can certainly do this. The EmonHP SD card is running our emonSD image. Data is read in from the attached meters using a piece of software called emonhub that is running on that image. Emonhub transfers the data to emoncms locally via MQTT, you could either connect your node red/grafana setup to the MQTT broker running on the EmonHP Pi or setup EmonHP to forward the data to another MQTT broker.

There are details of how to listen to the MQTT messages exchanged on the EmonHP Pi here MQTT - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor