Load profiling/usage

Hi - I was wondering if there are any opensource efforts to do load profiling of power information in order to determine. It would be good to have some tool comparable to some of the newer power monitors that can use AI or machine learning to break-down the power usage.


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@jsjames did you manage to take this forward? Ive been interested in the ability for AI to determine possible load profiles, and for the user to provide feedback in order to validate or disqualify a load. 311A
And the consideration that a load may have vatios operating modes



Hi Jason - Unfortunately, I never took this forward. I know some solutions you buy have this capability - but I haven’t tried them out.

Hi @jsjames ,
This would make for a very interesting engineering project fir any enthusiast with the necessary skills, including a database of known/discovered loads as the croudsourced loads grow.
Jeff do have any experience with any commercial versions of AI Load Profiling, and if so how good where they?