Line to line

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have someone here experience in connect emontx V.3.4.2 to line to line system

here is Cebu we have DELTA system, with line to line, no neutral, so 2 X 110volt for get 220volt and no neutral

the 2 phase is not in balance

i think i need 2 X ct. but how can software understand, CT1 and CT2 is both house load ??

From what you say, if there is no neutral, and you have a two-wire system (no counting the protective earth connection), then you connect your a.c. adapter at 230 V line-line, and you measure the current in one line only (it does not matter which one, because the current in the other line is exactly the same current that you’ve already measured).

Therefore you connect your emonTx exactly as we do in the UK.

Remember to plug in your a.c. adapter the same way round each time. If you reverse it, you will read the real power as negative.

And I think your voltage is 230 V, not 220 V.

I measure with my clamp-meter, the 2 line is not balance, diff current in both

so i need to measure both

Then you must have a neutral connection - or a fault to earth. What is the voltage between lines and the voltage to earth (ground) of each line - is it as you wrote above, 110/115 V and 220/230 V?
Do you have some appliances - lights for example - that run at 115 V, and some - cookers, air conditioning - that run at 230 V? If yes, then it would appear that you have a split phase system, the same as North America.

voltage goes up and down, 210 to 150volt

philippiners power is very very unstable

in south, i have seen 160volt, up to 250volt :slight_smile:

140volt last time i measure

all appliances is 230volt

That means you cannot use the a.c. adapter to power your emonTx. You must use a 5 V d.c. USB power supply that will give you a stable 5 V whatever the supply voltage is.

right now i take power from raspberry

If all your appliances are 230 V, then they do not have a connection to ground (except a protective earth), therefore I cannot see why the current in the two lines is different, because there is nowhere else for the current to flow. Whatever current flows in on one line flows out on the other.

The only way the currents in the lines can be different is if there is a connection to somewhere else, and that must mean there is a fault either in an appliance or in your wiring.

What is the voltage between lines and the voltage to earth (ground) of each line
140volt last time i measure

sorry 114volt, not 140volt