Level 2 heatpump app, setting up and feeds

Hi, I could do with some help please?
I am very new to this and recently installed an EmonTx and base station monitoring my solar panels and energy use. I have just had delivered another EmonTx and a bunch of temperature sensors to setup level 2 monitoring of my ASHP.

I have read Johns blog about attaching the sensors and confident in that side, I am just a bit unsure about the feeds, what to name them so that I can use them in the Heatpump app, I dont suppose anybody fancies showing me a screen shot of there feeds or is that cheeky? looking at the app setting page it seems straight forward apart from and again sorry if I am asking really basic questions,
what does this relate to?
house or building use in watts.

the heatpump flow and return temps in watts, how do you convert then from Celsius to watts?

any help or look at your feeds would be greatly appreciated.



I think to calculate the power (watts) you need a flow meter adding too, this will let you monitor the power in the heat pump app