LCD Display Slight Weirdness After Updating

I’m in Australia and running an OpenEVSE with the ESP32 WiFi board. I purchased the unit a couple of years ago in kit form from the US.

Recently, I updated all of the firmware to the latest (7.1.3.EU and 4.1.1). The LCD display shows a lot more information than the older version I was running. However, in several cases, it is a little weird:

  • On power up, lots of initialisation stuff, then the top line stops at “IP Address:” while the bottom line continues to scroll through various stuff like time, temperature etc. Only when I start a charge session does the top line change to something sensible;
  • At the end of a charge session, with cable unplugged, the display shows “Connected” on the top line. I presume this means “EV Connected”, but it is not.

Otherwise the EVSE works perfectly.

Have I caused something by using the EU firmware in the US hardware?

This is a known issue, there is already a fix and should be released shortly.