L and N connections on a TRS Jack?

I am playing/learning with a CT circuit. I have a this TRS jack.. Am I correct that pin 2 (tip) connects to the L line, pin 1 (sleeve) connects to the N Line, and pin 3 is not connected?

Thank you.


Although that socket is rated at 500 V d.c., most of the plugs that those connectors mate with are good to about 60 V absolute maximum.

The purpose of the current transformer is to isolate your low-voltage circuit from the mains supply, as well as reducing the magnitude of the current to a value that’s more suitable for being measured.

All isolating transformers have at least two windings. The primary winding of your current transformer is the mains cable itself. The secondary winding is inside the c.t. body and comes out as the (probably) black and white twisted pair of wires if you bought your c.t in the USA, and to work correctly with the emonTx, you connect those to the tip and sleeve of your plug.
As you show a socket, I’m guessing that you have a SCT-013-??? c.t. with a plug attached. To use that with something else, then as you say, you connect to pins 2 & 1.

Hi Robert,
Thank you for your reply. It truly makes me smile the amount of care and attention you give to your answers. You are absolutely right to “shout”…if I was indeed shoving mains energy through the TRS Jack, I would most likely support Darwin’s theory of evolution…and would not be typing this. Sadly - and I apologize - I was extremely sloppy on my labels. I did not mean L or N. I mean the circuits from the CT that then feed into the burden resistor. and yes, I am using (at least now) a SCT-013-000.

On the good side of things, I don’t think this sloppiness compares to the rudeness I showed my neighbor’s daughter when I called her by her sister’s name and asked about her sister’s dog.

I guess life is indeed a practice. Yesterday I was sure slippy with my terms/names!

I truly thank you for the response.

I thought you meant the secondary wires from the c.t., but I couldn’t be certain. It wasn’t worth the risk. I’d much rather hurt your feelings, than have you damage yourself or your home.

I take it they weren’t identical twins. :grinning:

Oh I didn’t see it as rude. I saw it as making sure. And yah - the sisters are years apart. One married, one not. Geez.