kWh Accumulator increase the threshold of 25kWh

Hi all,
I’m using the to log my energy consumtion. First of all it looks really greate. Therefore I’m using the current EHZ counter values in kWh and acumulate them with the “kWh accumulator” - Looks easy. My problem now is, that I do have real consumption up to 60kWh for short period of time but the “kWh accumulator” has a threshold of 25kWh so these values are just cut of.

Is there a way of increase the threshold? Or can I build the equivalent functionality by using other processes?

Thank you very much!

Welcome back, Chris.

The 25 kWh limit is hard coded in the local version of emonCMS, and you would be able to change it by editing the appropriate file. However, as it’s the version that you’re using, this has to be one for @TrystanLea to deal with.

Hi Robert,
thank you very much for your reply. My second problem is, I’m using the hosted version of I do not have my own server. So I can’t change any files there I think.


Correct. That’s why I wrote

Hello @emon24 what hardware/software are you using to post data to Are you trying to use the process to remove resets to zero?

Hi TrystanLea,
thanks for answering. I’ve got a EHZ ED300L energymeter. I read this with an raspberry pi and IR-reader on Serial2USB converter. This raspberry does an http get request with the values in json format to emoncms_org.