Just a word of thanks to the team

Hi all, I upgraded my system today, from a creaky old 2015 Pi 2 running the 2017 EmonSD to a Pi 4 with the latest version. Pleased to say the export/import migration went perfectly, not a hitch The 2015 Pi was still on its original micro sd card, and I’m in a location with frequent random power outages. Thanks to all who have contributed - and doesn’t the Pi 4 make a difference… (also trying to get by with a Pi 4 as desktop replacement with 64 bit Ubuntu Mate!)


Great news @derekb

BTW my son has been using the Pi 4 @1920x1080 since April as his desktop and has been doing great. I did try it @4k but that seemed to be asking it to work too hard irrespective of the windowing system I tried (mouse and window movements were too sluggish).


Thanks a lot @derekb that’s great to hear!