July 2020: Faulty emonPi and emonBase units in the last week

Following queries by @martin @Harbrimar & @fatherofgrafton we have identified an issue with the software on emonPi and emonBase units shipped from our shop in the last week. The cause was an update to the master image that had installed mistakenly the now depreciated emoncms settings.php file.

We will be emailing everyone who has ordered a unit in the last week to offer either a replacement SD card or for those confident in a little SSH the steps to fix, which are:

1. Enable SSH using the push button to scroll through the emonPi menu then press and hold on the “enable ssh screen”. Or on an emonBase, add a empty file called ‘ssh’ to the boot partition by placing the SD card in a USB SD card reader connected to your computer, see Service Credentials - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor.

2. Connect via SSH using putty, download here:
host: You will need to enter your emonPi’s IP address, as shown on the LCD

username: pi
password: emonpi2016

3. Once you are connected, execute the following command

sudo rm /var/www/emoncms/settings.php

then reboot the emonpi

sudo reboot

Sorry for the hassle that this has caused

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Thx Trystan for the fix instructions. Could you amend to cover emonbase also as emonPi in some cases is too limited to be used (only 2 CT:s), particularly amend how to enable ssh for emonbase is the missing piece of information.

—> Service Credentials - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

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You can just use Windows 10 command window.

Looks like a Win 10 update has broken it for many installations :(.

This just relates to emonPi units shipped last week I believe.

There is no such thing. You SSH into the base system/OS then can work on the emonhub service.

There are 3 emonbase units affected as far as we are aware. I think @PetriK is refering to emonbase rather than the emonhub service. So I need to add a note about adding the ssh file to the boot partition.

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Yes, sorry, of course emonbase - still in a process of relearning the OEM terminology.