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Issues connecting and getting the controller software on the D1 mini pro

hello I’m a University student in England doing my masters in control and I was doing a small side project on BMS and came across the videos on YouTube. I ordering all the parts and soldered everything when I try to upload the ESPController file to the mini pro the same files are not coming up in the video. Can some one help me with this issue please.
kind regards.

Probably the easiest way to upload to the mini d1 is by using the esp home flasher app (ESPHome-Flasher-1.4.0-Windows-x64), then just upload the whole image files;

“diybms_controller_filesystemimage_espressif8266_esp8266_d1mini.bin” and “diybms_controller_firmware_espressif8266_esp8266_d1mini.bin”.

Its a lot easier than compiling on visual studio code.