Issue with humidity sensor on one of my EmonTH nodes

The humidity sensor on one of my EmonTH nodes (I have 4) has been giving strange readings since I got it.

Just wondering if anybody noticed this kind of problem before and whether a replacement of the humidity sensor on the EmonTH node would resolve?

Basically it spends most of it’s time randomly cycling between 99.9% and 0% without reporting any meaningful data.

I physiclaly removed the circuitboard from the EmonTH node and I didn’t see anything obviously wrong. No broken pin on the humidity sensor, good solders, no shorts at where it connects to the circuit board, etc.

Just wondering if anybody has seen anything like this before and whether I can just solder on a new humidity sensor to resolve.

P.S. No, I don’t put this node in my bathtub, my pool, the nearby stream, or anywhere near actual water.


I would suggest that you first figure out what is the source of your problem: either the humidity sensor or the emonTh node.

As you have 4 emonTh nodes: I suggest to switch the humidity sensor of your problem node with the one of a working EmonTh node. No soldering is required for this:just carefully extract the humidity sensor.


Thanks. Replacing the humidity sensor resolves it.
It was as easily as pulling out the old one and putting in the new one. Didn’t even need to solder.

Good to hear you resolved the issue, please contact [email protected] (with your order number) if you would like a replacement sensor or shop credit to refund the faulty sensor you received.