Issue logging on to Emonpi using IP address

Hi All

I am using two emonPIs to monitor two phases. When I use the IP address to connect directly to the emonPi on one monitor there is no issue. On the second I get the message that if the password correct, try clearing browser cache. I know the password correct and tried:

  • Re-entering on different browsers
  • Re-entering on different computers
  • Clearing the cache and re-entering

Nothing works.

The monitors are not online at the same time but I can log in to the problematic emonpi through the online portal. This is no help as I need to get directly on to the emonPI.

Any recommendations?

Thanks for your help.


Have you tried a different browser? Might be a cookie issue.

Where are you finding what the IP addresses are - from each emonPi or from your router?
I’ve had 2 emonPi on the same network with no problem, but it might be because of a recent change in the WiFi settings/protocol (mine haven’t been updated for ages).

Do you mean SSH?

Hi Robert
Thanks for your response.

I am finding the IP address off the emonPI once it has been connected to the internet.

The connection to the router is by ethernet cable rather than wifi and I have only tried to log in with one attached to the network at a time.

Brian mentioned about browsers and cookies, I have tried google chrome and internet explorer, as well as clearing the browser cache and trying different laptops and networks. One emonPI continues to work, the other will not allow me to log on directly.

I set the emonPIs a while ago, is it possible that the password could be different on the online portal to the actual emonPI? I did forget the online portal code and this was reset, would this automatically update the EmonPI?

Any ideas?

Kind regards

What do you mean by “online portal”? Is it the login on the browser web page? And which one - meaning, are you aware that there are two versions of emonCMS? One is the local installation that runs on your emonPi, so you have two quite separate instances of that - with two different user names and passwords (though you could make them identical if you wished), and the other is the paid version at

I’m not an emonCMS expert, I can’t answer for sure whether a factory reset will reset the login. However, if you can get in to the Raspberry Pi using SSH, then in Resources there’s a method to reset:

near the bottom of the page.

The Raspberry Pi’s user ID & password is totally separate from the emonCMS user ID & passsword.

If you have 2 EmonPis, then you have 2 local IP addresses - such as & that you can access from your local network.

These are 2 separate instances of the software - one of each Pi (If ultimately you want to combine the data onto a single dashboard that will be a later problem).

Did you register the first user on both EmonPis? The accounts will be separate as each is a completely separate system.

I’ll reiterate @Robert.Wall question - by ‘online portal’ do you mean

I note that the EmonPi creates a host name for an EmonPi. It may be having 2 of these on the same network is causing some issues (2. Log Locally - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor) @TrystanLea.

Hi Brian

Thank you for your thoughts. For simplicity, I now just have one emonPI on my home network.

I am logging on to and accessing this without any issues.

When I try to log on directly to the emonPI through the IP address I get the message:

“Incorrect password, if your sure its correct try clearing your browser cache”

I did reset the password recently and have no idea what password I set up on the emonPI. When I reset the Emoncms password does this not feed through to the emonPI?

Sorry if I have missed something, but really appreciate your help.


There is no connection between the two systems, other than the data that flows from one to the other. So you need to reset your local emonCMS password. The procedure is on this page that I linked to earlier: Troubleshooting - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Hi Robert
I managed to do it, thank you for your help.

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