Is VNC included in emonSD-07Nov16?

Hi folks,

I understand VNC is now part of the Raspbian build, and if I run raspi-config, and select Advanced Options, I see the option to enable/disable VNC, and if I select Enable, I get the message "The VNC Server is " with nothing else. According to the Raspberry site, I should be able to issue the command “vncserver” to start the vnc server if I am running in headless mode (which I am), but that just fails with “command not found”. I’ve done a search, and can’t find anything called vnc, so I assume it has been removed to reduce the image size?

If so, any suggestions on installing it, before I follow the Real VNC guide to installation?


EmonSD is based on minimal Raspbian Jessie. Vnc is not installed, it can easily be installed via apt get if required. However there is no graphical engine either as Jessie minimal is purely headless command line. You may need to install a few more packages. I’m sure is possible

Thanks for confirming Glyn,