Is there any need to move emoncms to a hard drive?


I have been using emoncms since 2012. I had so many problems with SD cards in the early days I switched my original install to a USB hard drive.

I have now built a new system using the latest image and transferred all data successfully. Does anyone think It is it necessary to run a hard drive with the current version of emoncms low write 9.7.2.?
I would rather not use a hard drive as I am running on solar power and want to keep power consumption as low as possible.

I am running a daily backup to dropbox thanks to Paul Reed’s excellent backup tool:- GitHub - Paul-Reed/dropbox-archive: Upload emoncms data to Dropbox



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Hi Ian,

Our pre-built SD cards run the root FS in read-only with careful control over the write limit in the data partition. We have been running these setups successfully for over 3 years with no dead SD cards reported.

See blog post introducing latest pre-built image (also got nodeRED, MQTT and openHAB installed and configured): Substantial update to emonPi / emonBase: emonSD-03-May16 pre-built image release - Blog | OpenEnergyMonitor

Just installing the latest version of Emoncms will not do anything to limit SD card writing , if you want to do it yourself we have documented the steps to build our SD card image. The important parts are making the root FS read only and optimising emoncms for low write

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