Is there a way to run emoncms with PHP 5.2?

Is there a way to run emoncms with PHP 5.2? The solution could be: use an emoncms old version, changing some files, etc…I’ve tried to change some files and also utilized some emoncms old versions. However until now, it has not worked out.

Have you searched the forum? I am reasonably certain that I have seen something about this recently.

Hi Robert! Thank you again for your fast reply!
So I’ve taken a look, however I found that it is necessary at least version 5.5 according to glyn hudson. But, I don’t know if he was considering old versions or code changes.

Why do you need PHP 5.2?

Normally, the developers of software like emonCMS use the latest version of the language, often because there are bugs or vulnerabilities that come to light.

If there is no way for you to update to PHP [the latest], then you have a lot of work ahead. You need to look at all the change notes for every version after 5.2 up to and including 5.6, and note which functions have changed, or been added. Then you need to find which of those are being used in emonCMS. Next comes the hard part: you must change emonCMS to use only the functions that exist in version 5.2. You must do this line by line, there are no easy ways to do this.

Thanks once again.
The problem is that I’m working with a hostgator account and it has other aplications running there. They can’t be affected. It’s easy to swap from 5.2 to 5.6, however I’m afraid of the side effects. Do u think that If I change to 5.6 it would cause problems?

You have a broadly similar problem if you change from 5.2 to 5.6. In this case, you will be looking to replace features that have been deprecated or removed. It should be far easier, because this is a routine problem for everyone, and the maintainers of PHP will have documented what you need to do to update your applications.

You will have problems, but I think that is a more sensible route to take.

Have you investigated the possibility of running both versions side by side? I don’t know the details any more, but I seem to remember I did it on an old Windows system using Wampserver, and I understand it can be done on most Unix-based servers.