Is there a more active forum with diybms knowledgeable people

Was just wondering if there’s any other forums to get help with different aspects of the diybms system.

Ive gotten some great help here but seems to take quite a while. I have a few threads I’ve started that still haven’t had any replys and I’m sort of at a stand still.

I have all my boards populated and programmed, and all of my cell modules for my 8KWh battery Welded and ready to go but I can’t wrap them with insulation paper and heat shrink them and put the entire thing together until I can figure out a few things.

One of them being the ntc 10k thermistors reading improper temperatures on the diybms dashboard. Hopefully I can calibrate them in the dashboard or modify the code for the cell modules to read accurately… I’ve tried changing the coefficient settings but didn’t help.

I have a ton 10K NTC thermistors I’d rather use before I have to buy the ones recommended by @stuart.

Here are the specs:
Resistance in Ohms @ 25°C - 10k
Resistance Tolerance: ±1%
B25/50 - 3380K
Operating Temperature -55°C ~ 200°C

With all that said I 100% appreciate all the work the @stuart and the community have done to make this project possible. I think it’s incredible. I just need help with a few things so I can button-up my project and move on to my next large battery build. Which I also plan on using diybms. I’ve purchased hundreds of pcbs and plan on using the diybms for the foreseeable future

You can use 10k ntc thermistors but you also need to change the other 47k resistor to 10k to provide the correct reading

Ohh… I thought the thermistor u recommended was 10k.

Am I mistaken and it was supposed to be 100k?
(Edited: I just found it. 47k @25 degrees)

(Edited: oh the GitHub page I saw with the 10K thermistor at the bottom of the Readme in the bill of materials is an older version of the diybms…)

Is it located directly next to the sensor IO 5pin header? I guess I could open up the PCB in kicad and find what resistor it is or if you don’t mind maybe posting a picture with the resistor Circled…
(Edited: was just looking at the Gerber viewer. Is it resistor R21 next to pin1 of the sensor pins?)

I’m using diybms ver 4.21 from jlcpcb

Thanks again @stuart