Is it possible to adjust data based on utility company meter data?

I am playing with an SDR device and am able to read my power company smart meter. I was wondering if I could use this data to “drift” the readings from my WattNode over time to match up with what I’ll be billed based on. Sort of how NTP adjusts the time. I can and probably will log them as separate inputs/feeds, I was just curious if it could also be combined with the other data to clean it up.

I can get import and export kwh from the meter, combined with consumption data from the wattnode, it should give a good picture of whole house energy. I’d like to add an IOTaWatt later to get more details as well. I suspect I’m going to start overloading the little rpi 1 I have this on right now though… :slight_smile:

Two things related to your IoTaWatt interest.

First, it will probably track your meter to within 1%.

Second, if you develop an adjustment of meter energy / IoTaWatt energy for a particular period, you can specify an output using the factor that scales your current and historical data.