Is it possible make a EmonESP firmware with input analog and digital?

Hello this is my first post, thank all for make this awesome project.

I am trying for a few days, make a pulse sensor in a nodemcu esp-12 board collect & process data from Adc (analog input) and GPIO and integrated in EmonESP firmware. But i cant, only i did this attacht arduino nano to nodemcu (EmonESP) by serial, this run OK.

I want make via EmonESP firmware, because two components it is unnecessary and redundant since the nodemcu has capacity for it.

thank you
sorry for my english

Hello @b31k, what modifications to the firmware did you try?
Have you seen this page:

β€œTo read external voltage applied to ADC pin, use analogRead(A0). Input voltage range is 0 β€” 1.0V.”

hi Trystan

I now have working a nodemcu with a optical pulse sensor, my coding skill are very limited, this it my testing firmware.

with the commit was made;

thank you so much for answered me

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