Is basic UK 3 phase monitoring included in latest stable build?

Hi, and apologies in advance if this is a stupid question.

I’ve had an emonTX and emonBase running for a few years here in the UK (since 2019) cheerfully ticking along working fine. Or so I thought.

I hadn’t actually looked at it for maybe a year and I came to revisit the data to find it had stopped working (software issue). I wanted to update (in an effort to cure the issue) but an automatic update was not possible (I had an Oct 2018 build).

I therefore flashed a new SD card (with the 21Jul21 stable version).

All looks good.

However, when I go to ‘inputs’ it already has ‘3 phase’ which appears to give a live reading from each phase (plus the single voltage).

I seem to rcall having to load a sketch to get the device to understand 3 phase - but as this already appears to be here do I no longer need to do this?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Cheers, Tom.

Welcome back.

What does ‘it’ refer to, the emonTx or the emonBase? If the emonTx is still working on the old 3-phase sketch, you need to get the Node Definition from the sketch you loaded into your emonTx, and check that the one in emonub.conf in your emonBase is the same (I assume it’s using the radio to receive the data). It should be, because I didn’t think it had changed. If it is the same, we need to look a bit deeper, if it isn’t, then edit or copy the old Node definition into the config file. Make sure you don’t end up with two nodes with the same ID.

If it’s a new emonTx or you’ve loaded the default sketch, then you have the standard Single phase sketch in it, and you need to get, set up and load and possible calibrate the 3-phase one.

Hi Robert, many thanks for the swift response.

Yes, I must confess I could have provided a more illuminating description than “it” :smiley:

The emonTX is fine, it was a software error on the emonBase. It was 2019 when I origianlly set this up and had forgotten the firware update required for the emonTX.

I “think” therefore that new SD card with the stable image will work fine now without any tweaks? (It looks like it is - I’ve three inputs with values that look correct-ish).

Cheers, Tom

There are a few ways for emonHub to give wrong values - most of them give outlandishly wrong values that are obvious. The one that might not is the numbers in “scales = …” – their purpose was to re-establish the decimal point when values were converted at source to integers by multiplying by 10 or 100 (usually), but they can be used for fine calibration tweaks. If you’ve done that in the past, a careful calibration check would be advisable.

Thanks Robert - I appreciate your help. I’ll re-read the calibration guide!