Ipmi monitoring

Do you think there is a possibility to monitor data power consumption through IPMI protocol?


Having just scanned through the latest IPMI (version 2) specs I see no mention of energy monitoring within the protocol, so it doesn’t look like it.


Sorry, my question is not well formatted…
I just wanted to ask if emonPi is IPMI compatible that is if I can use the “ipmitool sdr” command to retreive power sensors data…

A lot of the server class implementations of the protocol will include the power being used.
You should decide whether the SDR or the SENSOR area would be best suited. The SDR is usually slower to be updated, as it is a data record rather than the current value, but the SDR usually has more interesting things like min/max in it.

Back in 2009 I wrote some code for a company that was trying to monitor datacentre power usage.
The code had three different methods of garnering the information.

  1. Local IPMI through the BMC.
  2. Over the network IPMI network protocol
    These two methods also gave information on the temperature and loads of the system
  3. through SNMP to the power distribution units, which gave amalgamated values for the system

The system sent data back to a custom server for recording and graphing

The other side, I am currently using emoncms to record the frequencies of my processors, so I can graph the response to different loads on my system. It would be more than capable of recording the power usage.