Ipad 1 support


I have an old original Ipad 1, which I was hoping to use as an “always on” screen to display an emoncms dashboard via safari.

However when browsing via safari or chrome, I cannot get it to display the jguage element. Presumably some javascript compatibility issue?

Has anyone got any ideas how I could view the full suite of dashboard elements using my ipad 1?

If all else fails I can buy a cheap android tablet. But I like to reuse if I can.



Sorry ipad is not yet supported by the ios app. It will work but it won’t fill the screen. I will look like a stretched iphone app. The android app however supports tablet mode very well.

You could use a web browser to display a mobile version of the MyElectric or MySolarPV Emoncms app module display.

Slow reply. Sorry! Thanks for getting back to me.

I am running the browser version but I think the issue is none of the JS is supported by the browser versions on ipad1 - I have tried safari, chrome and firefox. And I have upgraded them all as far as they will allow.

The symptoms are the page loads but none of the JS elements (e.g. dials) load.

Any ideas anyone?