Iotawatt - No local data after 3/13/18

Installed Iotawatt around 3/1. Love it BTW. Pushed data to emoncms and have the app on my phone.
About 3/13, my daughter reset out internet router. Since then, I am getting no local data and of course no emoncms. So if I just focus on the local data, my plots are flatlined.

My status page shows 0 for volts and all 4 inputs.
Firmware version: 02_02_30
Running time: 1d 13h 41m 45s
free Heap: 15440

I hard booted it and i soft booted it.

my messages state:
** Restart **

No clock yet: SD initialized.
3/16/18 02:05:16 Real Time Clock is running. Unix time: 1521165916
3/16/18 02:05:16 Version: 02_02_30
3/16/18 02:05:16 Reset reason: Software/System restart
3/16/18 02:05:16 Trace: 92,12,13,14,15,16,11,90,91,82,82,80,92,12,13,14,15,30,37,38,148,149,140,142,143,144,145,148,149,146,147,39
3/16/18 02:05:16 ESP8266 ChipID:191533
3/16/18 02:05:16 device name: IotaWatt, version: 3
3/16/18 02:05:16 Local time zone: 0
3/16/18 02:05:19 Connecting with WiFiManager.
3/16/18 02:05:29 checkUpdate: Invalid response from server.
3/16/18 02:05:29 MDNS responder started
3/16/18 02:05:29 You can now connect to http://IotaWatt.local
3/16/18 02:05:29 HTTP server started
3/16/18 02:05:29 dataLog: service started.
3/16/18 02:05:29 dataLog: Last log entry:1521165910
3/16/18 02:05:29 statService: started.
3/16/18 02:05:29 timeSync: service started.
3/16/18 02:05:30 WiFi connected. SSID: Internet, IP:
3/16/18 02:05:35 checkUpdate: Invalid response from server.
3/16/18 02:05:35 historyLog: service started.
3/16/18 02:05:35 historyLog: Last log entry:1521165900
3/16/18 02:05:37 EmonService: started.url:, node: IotaWatt, post interval: 10, encrypted POST
3/16/18 02:05:42 EmonService: input/get failed.
3/16/18 02:06:12 EmonService: Start posting at 1521163160
3/16/18 19:53:32 time=1521230010&data=[[0,“IotaWatt”,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,
3/16/18 19:53:32 EmonService: Invalid response: Can’t connect to database, please verify credentials/configu
3/16/18 19:53:32 EmonService: Expectd response: 7KXKt214SIpbNkdrsuIPUihTD5cpzRVvLyXiw_e2nbE=
3/17/18 13:31:00 time=1521293460&data=[[0,“IotaWatt”,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,
3/17/18 13:31:00 EmonService: Invalid response: Can’t connect to database, please verify credentials/configu
3/17/18 13:31:00 EmonService: Expectd response: puQcJeBaQFj4hwQrjiDHgUupvFFp6WnAKuZXePAGajE=
3/17/18 15:27:54 Server: Sent less data than expected!
3/17/18 10:40:36 Server: Sent less data than expected!

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @kerberjo thanks for your question. Bob Lemaire the developer of the IotaWatt now has his own forum here if you would not mind asking the question there, Im sure Bob Lemaire will get back to you quickly.

Given that its related to a router reset I wonder if the problem is related to a DNS issue in that the IotaWatt cant find the remote emoncms, there are a number of errors in there that reflect an issue connecting to remote servers…

I am having issues with the local data not being logged first, so this seems like a system level, not network related. But I will post on the iotawatt community. Thanks!