IoTaWatt Krack Fix auto-update

IoTaWatt version 02_02_22 has been uploaded and is currently auto-updating to ALPHA update-class. Will push to all other auto-update classes in 24 hours.

Users need do nothing. Updates will auto install.

This version has been compiled with the staged version of the ESP8266/arduino core that contains a fix for the Krack vulnerability. I’ll continue to compile releases with this core until the fix is made available in a general release.

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Update: The new stage core introduced an incompatible change that broke the local graph API. A change has been made and appears to work, but I’m going to burn it in a few days on some test units before attempting another release. Researching this problem has made me aware that the staged release has a lot of changes. The ESP8266/arduino developers are very good, and I don’t expect any more problems, but sometimes there are unexpected consequences.

I’ve reverted back to 02_02_21 for ALPHA. Will try to reintroduce Krack compile with 02_02_23 in a few days.