IoTaWatt and Daylight Saving Time

I was staring at the Configure Device page and I am curious what happens on Nov 5 (for the US) when Daylight Saving Time ends. Since there is no location configured, I am assuming I’ll need to manually change the timezone from -5 to -6. Is the timezone used for anything besides the log files?

If it is only the log files, then I’m not going to worry about it.

No worries, the log file is on UTC, and the program internals use UTC as well. The time zone is only used to develop the time stamp in the message log. Posting to Emoncms or influxDB is also with UTC based UNIXtime.

If you really want your message log to be correct, you can stay up until 2 in the morning and adjust it then.:sleepy:

got my alarm clock set for 2 AM!