ioniq 28kw

Good morning, I own a 2,016 (28Kw) hyundai Ioniq. and I belong to a group with many owners. We are eagerly waiting for you to add this car to your list of compatible vehicles. We have seen that it already appears, but we do not know if it is the 38kw version or the 28kw version. Could you clarify it? and also to know if the option of incorporating the climate control in this vehicle is planned. Thanks

Hi Roberto,

Are you referring to OVMS?

Although we do resell this unit in our shop, we are not the developers of this unit. They are OpenVehicles; their dedicated forum can be found here:

@glyn.hudson may also be able to help, I will send him a message.

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Hi, I believe both version of the Ioniq are supported by ovms. Ioniq support is currently read-only, it’s not possible to currently active remote climate control