Integration with Victron platform

Curious, has anyone integrated their OEM platform with a Victron system, especially since the Victron VenusGX and Color Control GX publish all the internal metrics etc via a MQTT Broker itself also.


There is an integration with EmonHub for Victron data: emonhub/conf/interfacer_examples/vedirect at emon-pi · openenergymonitor/emonhub · GitHub

I would be interested to hear if anyone has done any work with the Victron LCD, that looks really nice nad seems to be open-source? Would be awesome to display OEM data on that.

The Victron LCD is called the Victron Color Control GX, basically allowing you to stand and see the data right there and then, in my case I went with the stronger Victron Venus GX, no screen, but more CPU/Memory and ports.
I know I have the RS485-> USB cable, but that connects my Carlo Gavazzi ET112 Energy meter to the VenusGX, will have to see if I have a open port on the Venus, but as said, just about everything measure by the VenusGX (brains of the system) is available via a MQTT broker running on the VenusGX/Color Control GX.
If interested, PM me and we can talk off line, maybe give you access to my setup, both Venus and OEM and see what we can come up with.

This much easier, much better chance to get to display the Vicrtron data on OEM.