Integration with British Gas smart meters

Hi all,

My first post here, but I’ve been following the project for a couple of years now.

I pretty much know the answer will be “no” or “it’s not possible due to the encryption”, but has anyone got any information about getting this project working with existing smart meters?

I did a little reading on the subject a year or so ago and the competition between various companies about what communication protocol to use was a bit depressing (an “open standard” that has an entry fee of £20k just to read the spec? Uhm…?). I’m a little out of date now but just wanted to start off with asking if anyone had any pointers to existing attempts at integration or previous threads about why it’s a dead end, etc.

My interest in the project has been about analysing the data rather than collecting it really, so that partly motivates my desire to get this working without having to buy hardware (in fact I did buy EmonTx and Base ages ago but they aren’t currently set up and it’s a little bit of a hassle to do with my house setup).