Installing Home Assistant help


Apologies up front that my emonPi skills and Linux skills are severely lacking so please be gentle with me!

I’m trying to install HomeAssistant onto my emonPi and coming across some problems. I’ve been following which I realise is probably out of date.

I run the command: sudo pip3 install homeassistant

This starts running, but I soon receive the following error:
Could not install packages due to an EnvironmentError: [Errno 28] No space left on device

I’ve managed to set up a 32Gb microSD card with the latest emoncms image which runs fine, and then I’ve tried using emonSDexpand to increase available space, but still get the same error. I suspect that this is expanding the wrong partition. I have also tried changing the tmp folder used (export TMPDIR='/var/tmp) with no success.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious or completely misunderstanding the best way to do this. Any advice will be appreciated!

/var/tmp is smaller than /tmp on emonsd, I think.

Try setting TMPDIR to some folder in /home or (possibly unsafe) /var/opt/emoncms

And you will probably get a version from 2021 because recent home assistants need Python 3.9 while emonsd has 3.7


Yes I forgot to mention I set at up a temporary tmp in /var/opt/emoncms and set TMPDIR to that, but that didn’t help, so not sure it’s the tmp directory problem.

Sorry, don’t do that. (@TrystanLea, pelase remove that page from GitHub - I have done 2 PRs)

  1. The EmonPi is optimised for Emoncms. The system drive is very small and the data drive uses a specific format to preserve the life of the SD Card (multiple writes destroy cards eventually).
  2. HA is a processor heavy environment. Anything less than a Pi4 will possibly not be enough. It also uses a lot of space and has the same issue with destroying data cards.

Please go to Installation - Home Assistant to install it on a different device.

Doing this has also likely filled your root partition up and you will now have other issues.

I suggest taking a backup of your data (did you take a backup before you started?) and then reflash the SD Card with a fresh OEM image, update the image and then restore the backup.

That’s a shame, but understood.

I was testing this on a completely new SD card and so still have my original SD card (along with settings and data) unaltered.


Indeed, it seems a great shame if emoncms can’t share a device. It would make it far less attractive to keep it running after optimising power use.

The linked pages say Pi 3 or 4 are fine. I expect installing loads of integrations could slow it, but it ain’t necessarily so.

Lighter competitors are available too.

Yet if you read the HA forum, you find lots of posts about users saying ‘HA is too slow on my PI4’. It is fine if you use it in a limited way.

As ever YMMV.

This has now been amended so the instructions are not used in the future.