Installing Emoncms on non-emoncms-dedicated system

I want to install Emoncms on a local non-emoncms-dedicated server. I.e. the server will be running other processes as well as Emoncms. I’ve created an Ubuntu 18.04 VM, and installed some of the modules the real server uses and have then tried installing Emoncms with the script.
One of the processes already running on the server on which I wish to install Emoncms also uses Redis. After trying the script I realised that the script installs Redis, not from any distro repositories, but builds its own version. Are there any Redis version reasons for that (i.e. it must be a later version) or can I expect Emoncms to work fine with the default Redis server I get if I install from the Ubuntu repositories?

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You can ignore the main part of my question. Having read the readme again, it clearly states at the beginning that EmonCMS has been tested with Redis v3.2.6.
I guess that just leaves some curiosity, why does the installation script not install Redis from the distro repositories?

I assume you are referring to the install scripts?

Which REDIS? The server, the PHP extension or the python package? :grinning:

Historically it was because the distro packages were way behind.

The server is installed from apt repo

the PHP extension is installed from PECL

The Python extension is installed from PIP (this should soon be changed to PIP3 at some point)

You can disable the installation of REDIs in the script config.

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My bad. During the installation it looked like Redis was being compiled locally. The Admin page was being rendered in the Safari browser so it looked like it had picked up that two Redis servers were running. Looking at the same page using Chrome, it is clear one of the version numbers refers to the Redis server, the other to PHP Redis.

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Easily done. Took me a while to understand the differences!