Installed emonSD-17Oct19 release on Pi 3, it boots, but no updates, no desktop. Now what?

I’ve used for years and now and trying to setup my own local server. Consider me naive with Linux administration, and I’m happy to be a beta tester, but I need some help. Here’s what I’ve done:
I used Etcher flash the emonSD-17Oct19 image to a 64 GB SD card.
Started up the Pi (Model B, Rev 1.2) and it boots up quickly. Near the end of the scrolling startup text, there’s grey line stating “Internet connection detected running update” Then a red “FAILED” line indicating “Failed to start LSB: DHCP server”.
Then I get a login prompt (so far this takes less than a minute, so does not appear that the firstboot update actually ran.
I can login successfully using default user (pi) and password (emonpi2016) and I get a command line prompt. I can run raspi-config and can set local time zone
I rebooted, and the process repeats no differently.
Now what do I do?
I was expecting to get to the Desktop where I could start running the emoncms app, or perhaps run a command to get updates?

Hello @sroof, the emoncms app is running as a web page, what happens when you navigate to the rpi IP address in your browser?

Aah - yes when I browse (from a PC) to the Pi’s IP address, I get the welcome screen. When I select proceed with ethernet, I get a login prompt. What should I use for username and password? My usual emon credentials are not recognized. Thanks

Aah - I see the “register” option. I’ve registered with something different from my credentials and I’m at the Feeds page. I think I’m good for now. Will write back when I get stuck again! Thanks

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As it stands, you have a massive amount of space at the end of the card unused (just so you know) There is discussion elsewhere on this.

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Thanks. I’ve been watching the discussions elsewhere and see that solutions are being worked out. Can I expand the SD later and keep data that has collected on the card? Or will my data get lost when the SD card is expanded?

I think it should be possible to move the partition created (which is, I think, what the SDexpand script did). I’m out of 32GB cards right now so can’t do any dev to get it to work.