Installation Load Limiting on OpenEVSE

This would be a feature request really.

As there is a solar Divert that knows how much “spare” solar there is, or whatever way you can configure the input.

Would there be another option for normal charging that could prevent overloading of the installations supply as not to pull more that X kW from the grid.

I know that it could be done currently with the solar divert , if you can feed it a value of MAX Load - Current load.

Or is there not enough room on the ESP8266 to allow this? Would there be space on the ESP 32?

I don’t require this feature, but thought it could be a useful addition to the openEvse system

This is something I’m thinking about. My mother is thinking of going EV in a 2 car household and they expect a pure EV in the garage and a hybrid on the drive one day. They also have a 60A service head, so load limiting between 2 EVSEs and the house load would be ideal.

Agree, this would be a useful feature. There are already issues open for this:

This feature will be required for redundancy:

Oh i missed that, will keep an eye on it, havent done much coding since i left uni 10 yrs ago :slight_smile: